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ARRA was founded by creative director Christine Arra, after recognizing a growing need within the industry for a brand that valued design and quality as much as environmentally friendly material sourcing and responsible business practices.

Our designs and inspiration are influenced by nature’s organic lines, shapes and beauty along with our love and respect for art and design. These influences are found in the modern, timeless silhouettes of our garments, and in our luxurious and subtle fabrics.

We firmly believe in design integrity and social responsibility. We concentrate on continuously self-evaluating ourselves and our partners to source only environmentally responsible materials, and to follow the highest ethical standards and sustainable business practices.

All of our textiles are organic or certified sustainable, derived from renewable fibers. For us, these eco-conscious fabrics provide more than high-end luxury: they ensure timelessness, value, and longevity of design by creating garments that are truly seasonless.

We insist on manufacturing our garments locally in New York City, which lessens the environmental impact of our production and shipping. Most of our pack aging is originated from recycled materials, printed with eco-friendly algae ink, and is carefully selected to be easily repurposed or recycled.

Design is most meaningful when it is united with integrity, transparency and responsibility.

We aspire for all women to feel confident and comfortable in our garments, while preserving our planet and each other.